Enamels For Glass

Stained glass is probably what you refer as traditional painting. This is probably the most common way of painting when using glass, is to use stained glass. Another unique way of painting is using enamels for glass. Over the past few years the popularity of enamels glass has grown. There are a variety of colors that can intensify painting with this type of glass.

With enamels for glass, you have the ability to mix colors. The enamel paints for glass, is just like stained glass paints. They are really finely ground glass particles that have a really low melting point. Enamels are available in both transparent and opaque colors. Once the enamels are applied the next step would be after it’s applied is to have it fired onto the glass using a kiln.

Glass enamel is generally made with tiny glass particles so with them being made with these tiny particles it is essential to take care of them. The care that is taken is to ensure that they are compatible with the base glass that it is painted on. Just like with any glass that you will use, making sure that the enamel is compatible is a very important step, if it is incompatible you can risk the enamel to crack or have poor adhesion. Not only should care be taking when dealing with the enamel but there should also be care taking if you are dealing with glass enamels you should always make sure that the fine particles are not inhaled. To prevent this from occurring a respirator or even a mask is recommended with dealing with this type of material. If the fine glass particles are inhaled it can put someone at risk and cause silicosis. Silicosis is a very serious and fatal lung condition, wearing a mask or having a respirator is a necessity.

When applying the enamels for glass there are a number of ways that this can be done. Some of the most common cases when dealing with enamels is when they are applied and are also fired in several layers. Applying the enamels in this way will help maintain the integrity of colors and give it a nice touch. It will also help achieve effects that you would not typically achieve with one single firing.

There can be either four or five more firings martin glasses before the entire work is actually complete, this is not uncommon at all when dealing with glass enamels. Some of the most common ways to apply glass enamels include by dry sifting, by brush, the enamels onto glass and by screen printing. All of these ways have to be done properly for the enamels glass to come our correctly. Applying enamels glass requires some time and effort to accomplish the right look.